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  • How To Open An Account

    You need to submit the information to establish your identity and your address and a copy of your latest photograph. You can choose from the variety of the documents acceptable by the Bank for this purpose. The documents accepted by the Bank are as under:


    a) PAN Card

    b) Proof of Photo Identification: (any one of the following)

    • Passport
    • Voters Identity Card
    • Driving License

    c) Proof of current address: (any one of the following)

    • Telephone bill(Landline)
    • Passport(supported by Pan allotment Letter, Mobile Bill,Credit Card Bill )
    • Ration Card(supported by Pan allotment Letter, Mobile Bill,Credit Card Bill )
    • Latest Bank Statement (2 months transactions) with KYC Confirmation remarks and Officers signature/designation
    • Registered Leave & License Agreement with proof of permanent address or Notarised Leave & License Agreement with Police N.O.C. with proof of permanent address.

    d) Recent Photograph (passport size)


    Please find given below documents to be submitted while opening various type of deposit accounts


    Documents required (For Individuals)

    • PAN Card
    • Photograph
    • Address proof
    • Identity Proof-(Passport,Senior Citizen Card)
    • Introduction is must
    • Completion of form in all respect
    • Initial deposit in cash
    • Completion of slip book
    • A/c no: is either Computer generated or manually given.
    • Computerized passbook

    Documents Required for Proprietorship A/C

    Documents Required(Partnership)

    • PAN Card of all Partners / Firm
    • Photographs of all the partners
    • Address proof of all the partners/ Firm
    • Identity Proof--(Passport, Senior Citizen Card) Introduction is must (usually from a current a/c holder)
    • Certified true copy of Partnership deed – duly registered
    • Business Proof
    • Stamp of the firm
    • Completion of form in all respect
    • Initial deposit in cash
    • Completion of slip book

    Documents Required for Pvt. Ltd. / Ltd. Company.

    Documents Required( Trust,Clubs Association)

    • A/c opening form
    • Photos of the office bearers
    • PAN Card of office bearers / trust, clubs, Association
    • Identity Proof of office bearers(Passport, Senior Citizen Card)
    • Address proof of all the office bearers / Trust, Clubs, Association.
    • Stamp of the Clubs / Associations
    • Original certificate of registration
    • Certificate true copy of memorandum of association
    • Certificate true copy of the rules, regulations, bye-laws
    • Resolution of managing committee certified by the chairman/secretary authorised
    • The type of a/c to be opened should be specified in the resolution
    • Resolution should be in terms of rules, regulations, bye-laws of the body and not contrary to them.

    Download Forms:


    1 - Account opening form for Saving/Deposit (Individual) Click here to download...
    2 -

    Account opening form for Current (Individual / Institution)

    Click here to download...